Me, Her, and the Ballistic Weaponry [Antique]

Genre: Space Opera


Boku to Kanojo to Jitsudan Heiki (Antique)
By Gibson
Illustrations by Fujimaru

26 Responses to Me, Her, and the Ballistic Weaponry [Antique]

  1. shernjr says:

    cheers, you’re translations are awesome to read.

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  2. canaria23 says:

    SCI-FI? mecha?


  3. first thing i notice when i see the illustration. SPACE MAID!

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  4. Urn says:

    Klein? SAO?

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  5. Are you still working on this?


  6. cbfarrar says:

    What’s this story about? There’s no synopsis for it


  7. man~ i can’t wait to read more of this…i still can’t maje my mind if it’s good or not~


  8. 6097days says:

    The author updated it on Syosetu! YOU GOTTA TRANSLATE THIS AFTER SEVENS!


  9. π says:

    So, yorai, what do you think of this novel?


  10. Since sevens is complete, is there any hope for this?


  11. MorIock says:

    Please continue this. D:


  12. Pete says:

    Yorai-san.. is this ur main project after Sevens?


  13. YES!!!!! FINALLY AN UPDATE!!!!

    well, i would of have wished he’s keep the cruser and just fix it, since it’s imperial metal and stuff, and it’s a damn cruiser, a destroyer sound…i’m not fond of destroyers~~ if i’d where to say, i like to compensate, so i LOVE’EM’BIG !!!!


  14. Wait, Koume gains an actual body, huh?


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