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6 Responses to Miscellaneous Projects

  1. Aoitenshi says:

    Reading How a True Heroes Fight has lowered my SAN level.

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  2. Kkroso says:

    Its Because You Said There Would Be Candy is my all time favorite short story and I reread it probably once every 6 month’s. Thank you so so much for translating it.

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  3. Campf says:

    Here to check out other shorties after reading Wishing Happiness. I must say, Yoraikun is awesome!! Thanks for all your hard work, and for letting us read your translations! (人*´∀`)。*゚+


  4. diko1st says:

    So i’ve finally read all the short stories here… i started reading TnY around 2014-2015 and i found myself fascinated by the short stories on written on this website. After finishing TnY, i read a bit of the short stories and loved every single one of it. I thought i had to save them for special occasions or a really bad day when i need a reading materials to lift me up, low and behold here i am today. I’ve finished some of the short stories multiple times, my favorites are in a world without life and the reckless girl story. Not to say that the other stories are not good by any means, i simply found myself reading these stories more than the others, even when i haven’t started reading the others. Forgive me for rambling this much, but i really want you, yoraikun, to know that you picked a really great stories to tell and i’m eternally grateful to you for that. I hope things are going well for you, and i truly wish you the best. Thanks for your translations they were amazing. Much love.


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