By Hayashi Tomoaki
Illustrated by 2C=Galore

The Gate of Heaven


The Fire of the Dragon

The Princess of the Outside

The Arrow of Imprisonment

The Darkness of Truth

The Normality of Light

The God of the Sediment

6 Responses to O-Ri-Ga-Mi

  1. Appleaters says:

    Hello, new series.


  2. Franz Magno Renejane says:

    Wow~ new series… The cover attracted me… Is the one who illustrate is the same one who also illustrate the VN game SubaHibi? They’re kinda look similar~

    Tnx a lot TL~san nice X-mas gift


    • Yoraikun says:

      Nah, this was illustrated by 2c=Galore, who did some art for ef – a fairy tale of the two and Moekan. He also did the manga for White Album 2. Moekan was done by the same studio as SubaHibi, so it’s possible, but I don’t see him credited anywhere.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. hezat says:

    seems interesting, merry tanksmas yoraikun !
    __( )====::


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