Umm, I humbly apologize.
The reason this book is strangely thicc is all because I messed up the settings on my word processor. My editor is not at fault.
Thanks to that, for the later half, I tasted the fear of writing and writing with the end never in sight as the deadline approached. Oh me or my. No matter what I do. The point is, I made such a careless slipup for the first in quite a long while.
Now let’s change the subject to drop a bombshell.
I finally quit the part-time job I’ve been working at for a long time.
last July!!
… What part of that is a bombshell? I hear all the readers asking. But there is definitely one individual who will be shocked. My editor.
“F… first I’m hearing of it, bastard!!”
I can already hear it.
Be that as it may, thanks to that, the twelve hours I spend on that job every day can now be put towards pla… something more productive! Editor: “Then you can finish the manuscript faster, can’t you?” Me “…… Now that’s a bit…”
So I’ve been living fulfilled days awakening to the allure of a shut-in, and if anyone asks about my job, I don’t have to answer I work part time anymore.
I’m self-employed, I work in printing. I have a subcontract with Kadokawa books. My next payday (deadline) is…
Or so I’ve been drafting up my setting.
Will the day ever come when I can stick out my chest and answer “I’m an author”/
I hope you can put up with me until that day comes, editor. No seriously. I’m sorry for being quiet all this time just to see the look on your face. I honored the deadline, please forgive me.
Now onto 2C=Galore. I know you’re busy these days, but I’m counting on you. There are always a load of characters who appear in O-Ri-Ga-Mi and I must apologize for the absurd contents, but I’ll be happy if you would continue this relation without growing sick and tired of me.
Finally, to all the readers who picked up this book. Thank you as always. Thanks to you, I managed to turn out what I’d call my turning point, my third work so fast. Volume four is Suzuran’s summer vacation, and a seaside story is planned. I think I’ll go back to my roots to a cheerful, fun, idiotic story, so please look forward to it.

January 2005
-Hayashi Tomoaki


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