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Extra: Surpass Marty 3

  After Rudel began commuting to the girls’ dorm, the girls… particularly a certain portion of them began raising voices of disapproval. Unaware of all that, Rudel was on his way to answer the princess’ call as per usual. Since … Continue reading

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Extra: Surpass Marty 2

  “I can really pet you?” “Yes. I won’t be able to understand unless I experience it myself.” (Hurry it up! Get to the petting; pet me already!!! And then I shall lay hands on that sacred technique!) In the … Continue reading

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Extra: Surpass Marty 1

  This is a tale of when Rudel and the others were hospitalized after the end of the tournament. In that sickroom where the eldest sons of the Three Lords were pained even to move, Rudel, Luecke and Eunius were … Continue reading

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Dragoon 33: The Young Man, the Black Eyed Woman, and the Lady

  Having accepted an adventurer job, Rudel and co had come to a town a long distance from the academy. He had fulfilled a number of jobs, so this time he wanted to take up a higher difficulty level one … Continue reading

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Dragoon 32: The Young Man and the Boy

Having become a third year, Rudel had started taking classes of his own selection. But it was here that a problem came out. He was taking classes to become a knight, but young nobles already received a certain extent of … Continue reading

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Dragoon 31: The Doll Princess’ Rival

  Rudel safely(?) advanced his classes, finished the fundamental curriculum and became a third year student. When the fundamental curriculum was complete, the concept of classes disappeared. Each individual student would choose their own direction, and pick out the classes … Continue reading

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