The Forgetful Detective Series

By Nisio Isin


Volume 1: The Memorandum of Okitegami Kyouko


Volume 2: The Testimonial of Okitegami Kyouko


Volume 3: The Challenge Letter of Okitegami Kyouko

13 Responses to The Forgetful Detective Series

  1. Kld6445 says:

    Thanks a lot for translating this novel
    WEll …..Could please make epub files?


  2. Byakki says:

    Okitegami-san is so cute, I’ve been looking for more of her stories ever since watching the live action. Thank you so much, I hope you will continue liking her.


  3. dante7410 says:

    Thank you so much for the translation, i was waiting for years for this novel, again, thank you a lot.


  4. weareeternallygrateful says:

    Thank you so very much! You have no idea how much I love this series. I’ve only read the manga and now can appreciate the novel. Please keep going. I’d love to read all of them.


  5. ShibaInu says:

    Thanks a lot! I am so happy that I can finally read this series.


  6. sam-barr says:

    Has anyone made epubs of your Boukyaku Tantei translations? If not, would it be alright for me to make them?


  7. Dass3m says:

    Might be looking too far into it, but it sort of crossed my mind while reading Vol. 1 that Sunaga Hirubee might be some sort of in-universe reference to Nisioisin himself. High output of novels, multiple ongoing series, popular and successful, but not heavily awarded; only has one award for the Zaregoto series to his name.


  8. David says:

    need this translated asap :’)

    Liked by 2 people

  9. kkk2223 says:

    will new volumes get translated?
    If anyone knows about vol 3+ translated plz inform me


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