The Lazy King

Genre: High Fantasy

Leigie and Lorna by Shibaki Tsubura

Daraku no Ou
By Tsukikage

By the time I realized it, I had reincarnated into another world.
I kept sleeping, and at some point I became a Demon Lord.
Even though I never wished for it.
But for me to not have to work, this world is the best. It must be true that good things happen to good people.
The flavor of Sloth is as sweet as honey. Glory, diligence, virtue, or honor. I have no interest in anything like that.
What’s there to hide? The Lazy king is… none other than me.

*Note, image by Shibaki Tsubura

Part 1

Part 2

214 Responses to The Lazy King

  1. Samuel says:

    Thank you for translating this. I’ve been reading light novels and fanfics left and right for a whole of twelve months now, and I think this is one of those stories that really leaves a mark that lasts. Kudos to the author and to you. I think that, with this story to end it, I’ll give myself a break from my reading. Thanks again and I hope to read more stories from you next time.

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  3. Thanks for translating this novel. 😀


  4. reliczexide says:

    someone can give me some fan fic of this novel they have to be good one plz i v already read this novel 5 time

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  5. Belphegor Sloth says:

    Are there any more chapters to come, or is this series finished?


  6. DarkD says:

    Any chance you can tell us what’s up? I know there are three bonus chapters hidden away on the website there.
    You previously said that you’d translate the first of them, but that was over a year ago now. Does that mean you’ve lost interest completely or just that one chapter?

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  7. Murtagks says:

    Where can i see the picture from the lazy king?

    for example

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  8. arda says:

    Daaamn, I really enjoyed that.


    Many, many thanks for the meal.

    (Feeling rather melancholic)


  9. Is this series fully translated? Is this series over?
    The end was sort of anticlimactic. But regardless of the end one of the best novels I have ever read.


  10. Nazgor says:

    Anyone have a link for where I can buy the book?


  11. DarknessWolf says:

    Well there are new chapters (mini chapters), hope that interested you.


  12. worom001 says:

    Question to anyone who has bought and read the original novel from amazon or elsewhere. Is there a volume 3 or is it in production?


  13. Darsk says:

    I can’t read Japanese, but has the author explained why he’s not writing a new volume yet? A hiatus doesn’t make sense at this point anymore.


    • Darsk says:

      I did google translate everywhere I thought was relevant and can’t find any details. But that doesn’t really mean much considering how many places the author can be hiding information.

      I found the authors home page.
      He had a status of all his series at the bottom there. I can’t really do anything other than google translate, so if you have a clear translation of
      Based on google translate I think it says “I might write a chapter once in a while.”


      • Space Panda says:

        yeah, something like that
        “anyway/at least/for the time being, I still have the feeling to continue (the work)”

        In my opinion, it kind of feels like author’s wimp, lol. The status of the novel is already completed since 2015. The web novel even if it was in bad cliffhanger, all of the attributes (of demons, and even angel & heroes) already included in the chapter title. It was 2015.

        I kind of get the impression that the last chapter was rushed. Whether it was the intention of the author or not, the second volume is clearly closed by closing the Lazy King’s room door(with creaking voice), as if saying goodbye. Without explaining the conclusion of other characters battle. Maybe the author want to fix that.

        But he has been busy with other works. Even if he decided to make the continuation (since 一応 means it hasn’t been decided), we won’t be able to enjoy it any sooner.

        *read best girl cried
        *was that the end?
        *insert Lize’s “AAAAAAAAARGGGH” here


        • DarkD says:

          Just odd. I mean the guy hasn’t had much success with any of his other projects as far as I can tell. There are some minor successes, but nothing near the level of The Lazy King.


  14. Daniella says:

    I looked up those short stories at but the reading is tough. The auto-translate just does NOT do a good job so its tough to understand.
    It’d be great if someone properly translated them.
    I also visited the above mentione link to the Author’s Page:
    Again, Its pointless going there because even auto-translate does nothing to make it more understandable.
    In fact, after going to these two places I am unsure of this stories real name because the Auto-translate makes the title KING OF CORRUPTION or KING OF FALLEN instead of THE LAZY KING.
    It does look like there is no 3rd volume to this story though.
    I agree with all the above people that are upset about that.
    This was a great read and I WANT TO HAVE MORE!!!!
    It’d also be super nice if the kind and generous person that translates this page could spend some spair time to translate the related short stories here. At least that much? That would be very nice…
    Pretty please? With sugar on top?

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  15. LivelyRevenant says:

    Man, this story is still great after rereading it a third time over the years. Though, would it be too much to ask if you could perhaps take a look at the sidestories, Yoraikun? I’ve only found a pretty horrendous machine translation for them, and I think they deserve better. After all, who doesn’t want to read about christmas with Leigie? It’d also be awesome to know if those skilltrees from the LNs revealed any new information:
    But if you’ve got too much on your plate already, that’s fine too.

    Also, does anyone know if there’s any new content in the LNs? From a cursory look they seemed to be a one-to-one transliteration of the webnovel, but I could be wrong.

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  16. LivelyRevenant says:

    I guess that’s a no.


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