The Rise of the Shield Hero

Genre: High Fantasy

Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari
By Aneko Yusagi

TRANSLATION PROGRESS: 100.00% (378/378)

Note, these arcs have been arbitrarily assigned by me. The original WN is ungrouped

Summoning Arc

Slave Arc

Second Wave Arc

Filo Rial Arc

Peddling Arc

Third Wave Arc

Kidnapping Arc

Punishment Arc

Cal Mira Island Arc

Intermission Arc

Spirit Turtle Arc

Building a Home Arc

Hero Problems Arc

Fated Encounter Arc

The Shattering Spear Arc

Moving Forward Arc

Kyua Arc

Bandit Arc

Character Development Arc

WT actual F Arc

Peace Arc

Rebellion of Justice Arc

Justice Aftermath Arc

Filler Arc

Night Onslaught Arc

I am Mad Scientist. It’s so Coooooool, Sunnuvabitch Arc

Houou Arc

Seven Stars Arc

United Front Arc

Rise of the Bitch King Arc

Arc’s Ark Arc

Burn the Witch God Arc

Epilogue Arc

The Christmas of the Shield Hero

The Valentines of the Shield Hero

1,070 Responses to The Rise of the Shield Hero

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  2. KuroHaruto says:

    There’s a anime adaptation of shield hero coming out!!! (dates unknown, check out myanimelist)


  3. Boag says:

    The ln and anime better change that shitty ending


  4. Gen says:

    Sorry to bother, just came across the site, is there any other way to read the Baka-Tsuki chapters? They don’t have them there anymore.


  5. middledangername says:

    How come both you guys and NU are not listing part 3 of The Valentines of the Shield Hero?


  6. Does anyone knows where I can find the translation of the valentine and white day short stories? For some reason it seems like no one translated them even though it has been 2 years since the epilogue was translated.


  7. kalou kalou says:

    wtf the valentine chapters are nothing to do with valentine its really dissapointing plz continue till at least ending of valentine arc


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  9. yukilee says:

    Who reads the manga? Does the manga follows the novel closely? I’m currently at chapter 35 (manga’s latest update). It was after the class up and where they met up new characters. I only remembered Sonny, lol. I was wondering if I should start reading at chapter 82? But everything in chapter 82 is confusing. Lmao. If I don’t read from the top, am I going to miss a lot?


  10. Yernero says:

    When should i read the christmas special? It seems to be referenced a lot around chapter 140.


  11. imryf says:

    shit. awesome. ty. >>> thats what on my mind.


  12. DarknessWolf says:

    Well thanks for the chapters! :)
    It had been long I guess


  13. Dead Elf says:

    The link to Chapter 99 – Cal Mira Island Jinx – Trending Fad Story is broken. It can be found on the Wayback Machine at:


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  15. Zachary Lee says:

    So I’m very confused it appears there’s alot more story to this ln but it’s done? Like if I go to the wiki there are 19 vol and still ongoing does anyonle else know anything about this?


  16. Zachary Lee says:

    What’s the difference between web novel and light novel?


  17. JP says:

    so the web novel is finished?


  18. JB says:

    I accidentally ran across this LN on your page while reading Sevens…I have been waiting on the god awful slow manga updates on this forever and here you have the whole LN translated. I would hug you if I could. Bless you sir.


  19. RaiRai26 says:

    What chapter is the manga currently on the novel version


  20. HuNted says:

    So from where can i continue the light novel from the latest manga chapter(43)? A rough chapter estimate would be pretty cool^^


    • aduckfromnarnia says:

      It perfectly fits in the beginning of the Cal mira island arc, though it might be faithful to the light novel, for the Web novel the whole stuff with the hero of the scythe comes wayyyyy later. The story line will be slightly different, but there will be 400 some more chapters to read. BTW the side stories all happen after the main storyline.


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