In a World Without Life

Genre: High Fantasy


Inochi no Kieta Isekai de
By Aneko Yuusagi

Translation Progress 100.00% (8/8)

92 Responses to In a World Without Life

  1. 1jayds says:

    interested translate on great leader.

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  2. fel293 says:

    Wow, a glass history?
    Tnks yorai sama
    I’ll read this right now ^^


  3. marwan says:

    Thank you very much Yorai sama . I want to know if you will translate the other unfinished story as well ?


  4. BStew says:

    was i not paying attention? when did glass mention this sort of story? might have missed a chapter i think.


    • Yoraikun says:

      “… We have witnessed the fall of two worlds. The first looked as if it had the life of every lifeform sucked out of it, and it was transformed to a deserted wasteland. In the second one, the whole world vanished, as if it were never there before.”
      – Glass (Chapter 338)

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  5. Nu Gundam says:

    There’s some work that has been dropped by the translator, wonder if you would pick it up?

    “Eh?! Heibon desu yo!” (Forgot who translated it, but it is dropped)
    “Yomigaeri no Maou” (The Esteemed dude dropped it)
    “Shinka no Mi” (Istian is dropping it I heard)
    “1HP kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou” (Forgot who translated it, but it is dropped)


    • Hello-kun says:

      I Really like Shinka no Mi, it seen like the MC will make up for all the thinks they do to him in the school times, i really want to see yorai-sensei grab this project \o\o


    • iSacre says:

      I’m voting for Heibon desu yo.. Previous translator dropped it at 29. Current translator is slow and his translations is bad in my opinion.. Well, he finished chapter 30 already.


    • Ireadmanga says:

      Ehh… where can I find chapter 30 of Eh!? Heibon Desu Yo? I only managed to get like 6 chapters of the web novel translated…


    • Shortie says:

      Shinka no Mi was being translated on Raising the Dead but translators other than that completed 10 and 11. RTD tried to get them to release which chapters they will translate but communications has been hard. Shinka has NOT been dropped by the main translators at RTD though and a more edited version of chapter 11 is due out. Since Shinka is only 53 chapters long currently with erratic release rate then speed is hardly of the essence in this series.


    • Derp says:

      Raising the dead still plans to continue shinka no mi they were just busy with real life


    • IamMe says:

      Tried reading “Eh?! Heibon desu yo!” and could not get over how stupid it seemed. The MC is seen as beautiful, intelligent, has broken levels of mana, and is refered to as an angel by everyone..

      First thing that annoyed me was that the author also does not understand how learning a language works. Looking at an apple and thinking of the japanese word for it instead of the native one, well yea, learning to make that distinction is how someone learns a language. Hearing nothing but the native language and it took her 8 years to learn to speak, was an arbitrary amount of time and way to get the MC up to a predetermined age before letting her start remaking the world with all of her knowledge from her previous life.

      The bit about the language seemed to have been an attempt at a direct slam of “Mushoku Tensei”. Not sure what chapter I ended at but I got sick of every person in every chapter doing nothing but praising her.

      “Shinka no Mi” is fun though. As Yorai-kun mentioned, the MC does not really hold any kind of grudge against the rest of the people in the school. He was well aware that he was unattractive and stank to high-heaven. He gets by by making comebacks to most everything that ends up happening to him and because he decided that he would be positive, regardless of whats happening around or to him.

      Have not heard of “1HP kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou”, maybe I’ll go take a look.

      Sorry about the rant on Heibon, story on that one really annoys me.


  6. kronus77 says:

    after you finish tny and this one can you please pick up The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
    PRETTY PLEASSSSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. Niwrad92 says:

    Hi, a question. how could i keep this in follow to Know when a New chapter is up? Because i find this novel only when a check the list of project it doesnt send me a mail,like we the other projects.


  8. anon says:

    Is the story related to TnY in any way? Asking since someone mentioned Glass and am not sure to read this after TnY finishes or if its fine reading it now/ Go to sleep

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  9. seihaikun says:

    That amazing!You never cease to amuse me!
    Thank you for your hard work Yoraikun!


  10. chendu says:

    Yoraisama, you do translate whatever you wish, No exception.


  11. lemonade2 says:

    Umm I just wanna ask. How often will you update this short story? 1 chapter in 2 weeks? Or just random? Sorry if i sound pushy but I am a real sucker when it comes to these kind of story.


  12. Hello-kun says:

    Yorai-sensei do you plan on translate Shinka no MI after TnY or wait for this is fruitless? i like the LN but i think nobody likes it, i dont undestand why, if someone know why please tell me.


  13. freebeer says:

    So I will say….. you only translate otherworldly summoning harem stories.

    Mc is summoned for a magic world. Check.
    All the girls(with life) likes Mc. Check-mate.


  14. psyran says:

    synopsis of the new translation. please?


  15. Afraz says:

    Oh god oh god oh god please do Yomigaeri no Maou please cus every one has been waits AGES for a a translator to pick it up so please….. Or maybe just help on doing KnW master so we can get even more chapter so that as it is really quite decent and more chapters never hurt any one

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  16. Afraz says:

    Hey maybe ask the guy who is translating monogatari no hito if you can translate it as he is doing some other novels at the same time.


      • Alort says:

        Everytime I see such answers I can’t hold my laughter, seriously. Not to be rude to those who ask out of curiosity or hope that you’ll translate what they would like to read, since your pace was the fastest one i’ve seen, but because I simply find it amusing.

        And i’m keeping this site on check to keep on reading WWL and to laugh at the answers you give. Seriously, i’m being honest hahaha.

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  17. sliding touch says:

    nice storynso far

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  18. sliding touch says:

    i mean nice story


  19. zekkendo says:

    Actually, now that I think about it, how long ago did you start this? No need for an answer though, just thinking out loud. Kinda. No, never mind, it’s not out loud at all. I guess its just out? I’m just blathering now. I’ll stop. Thanks for this, by the way. Okay, I’m done.

    I need a new hobby.

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  20. sliding touch says:

    lol i check everyday


  21. sliding touch says:



  22. Rnfunk¥$! says:

    hallo bro can you pick “bathroom godess”?????? :)


  23. sliding touch says:

    missing densefumi


  24. sliding touch says:

    thx for the lovely chapter.


  25. Boss yorai do you have the link to the raw?


  26. lygarx says:

    Life-kun has not commented here yet. I am concerned. Is he okay?

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  27. rattn says:

    Is this still on going?


  28. BlazingSword says:

    Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu was being translated by Tsuigeki translations, but it’s pretty much dead. Mind picking it up, Yoraikun?


  29. boartank says:

    Just an observation, Yoraikun is probably the most harrassed tl but I have yet to see a single hater. peace 😀


  30. Enkida says:

    This is a great story so far, thanks for translating. I’m both looking forward to more and fearing it at the same time since I know I’ll probably need tissues at the end of it. Is the girl in this story Glass, or is this just a story about the worlds Glass observed being destroyed?


  31. Roadside Peanut says:

    Yorai-kun, are you a machine gun?


  32. Hydrogen says:

    Did yorai-sama droped this project or yorai-sama is focusing on his other projects? I wanna know cuz I am still waiting for this project to be updated. Thanks


  33. 1 quetion how the hell you translate cecilia speech as the original world itself already random


  34. NZPIEFACE says:

    Pretty sure “愛情” means “Love”


  35. I’m beginning to wonder if people are asking Yoraikun to translate random novels just to see him say “No” or the like.


  36. im waiting,once its finished,Ill try make pdf and read it! :D


  37. Still waiting for the diabeetus boi to touch his heart again.


  38. random_passerby says:

    Thanks for the hard work.

    I am a sucker for this type of story. So beautiful and yet so sad T.T


  39. Thank you, yorai!


  40. Frozen says:

    Thanks for TL~ Oh and can we post PDF links?


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  43. Chin says:

    I love you yoraikun. Thank you for translating this


  44. sotenisaze says:

    is it possible that this is the two worlds glass mentioned?


  45. Aoitenshi says:

    I think my eyesight just worsened from trying to read the image.


  46. cras1 says:

    This is probably one of the two worlds glass mentioned. I want to know what happened to them. Hopefully they were able to leave the empty world. Either Glass didn’t encounter them or they already escaped this world when she visited this world. The girl and Glass doesn’t share physical traits so they’re probably different people.


  47. Thyros says:

    Just found out this exists… how could I take so long to find it?
    Thanks for your hard work – do you mind if I translate this to (brazilian) Portuguese? Giving credits, of course – I ask because my lame ass just speaks portuguese and English, so… (^^)’


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